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  • Snorkel + Sail

Napali Snorkel Sail

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 5-12

Napali Coast Snorkeling & Sailing Tour

Say yes to adventure and get ready for an activity-filled morning on our exclusive Kauai snorkeling tours. We invite you to go sailing on our Kauai-built catamaran named, Leila. To top off the experience we will go snorkeling and voyage to Kauai’s world-famous Napali Coast! Breakfast, lunch, drinks, and snorkel gear are all included in this fun, exciting, action-packed tour for the whole family.

Here at Holo Holo Charters, we get really fired up about sailing, and we believe it’s something everyone should experience our Kauai snorkeling tours. So, we invite you to come sail with us, on our gorgeous 50-foot sailing catamaran to the Napali Coast! It’s difficult to overstate the profound impact that sailing has had on humanity, and we can hardly imagine the bravery and brilliance of the Polynesians that navigated by the stars and sailed their way across the Pacific, reaching Hawaii over 1,800 years ago. Get a small sample of that experience on our modern sailing vessel.

Why our Kauai snorkeling tours

There’s plenty of room to spread out on Leila; you can sit on the benches, lean on the rails or lay out on the nets (weather permitting). You’ll notice that Leila has long, skinny hulls and a low center of gravity. These factors not only look excellent, but they also provide superior stability and comfort in comparison to boats with a top-heavy, double-deck design. Leila also has two bathrooms, for everyone’s convenience. So are you ready to try our Kauai snorkeling tours

Once on board, we’ll set up a continental breakfast to enjoy as we motor west and north, beginning our incredible Napali boat tour. Your captain and crew will point things out along the way and narrate the journey with the impressive facts, history, stories, and legends of the fascinating Napali Coast. Every day on the Napali is a unique blessing, and she will charm you with her nai’a (dolphins), honu (turtles), her steep, dramatic pali (cliffs), wailele (waterfalls), anuenue (rainbows) and so much more. Photo opportunities abound so make sure you bring your camera!

Somewhere along Kauai’s coast, depending on the ocean conditions, your captain will use his or her discretion and pick out the optimal snorkeling location for the day. We also provide all of the snorkel gear you need; including fins, goggles and flotation devices. We’ll give you some snorkeling best-practices as well, so you can feel confident and have the best time in the water.

When you’re booted and suited and ready to get your snorkel on, there’s no better way to enter the water than by going down Leila’s waterslide! It makes for one of the most memorable, family-friendly things to do on Kauai. As long as conditions permit, we’ll hang and enjoy the snorkel session for about fifty (50) minutes, so take a few trips down the waterslide and spend some time getting to know the underwater world.

We’ve got some tasty, locally made lunch with all the fixings, to keep your belly full as you fill up on memories and quality time with your loved ones. Water, juices and sodas are provided throughout the day, but only after snorkeling we can start enjoying beers, wine and seltzers for those that care for a midday adult beverage. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? We totally get it, and we got you covered.

After snorkeling and sightseeing is typically the best time for your crew to raise the main and unfurl the jib. Your captain will kill the motors and swoosh, we’re sailing, and experiencing this ancient and beautiful custom of traveling by the power of the wind. This is no doubt Leila’s favorite part of the day; she’s definitely living her best life when she’s sailing on Kauai and especially when she’s sailing the Napali Coast!

Here’s the thing with sailing, if you’re heading downwind, you’re in heaven. Whereas, upwind can be a bit bumpy and wet. Leila is a motorized sailing catamaran, so we get the best of both world’s—we cruise on her motors upwind in the morning (much more comfortable!) and she sails later in the day, when we’re going downwind. Also, we need wind to sail, so if you end up on a rare day with no trade winds, it will make for a beautiful day on the water, but you’ll have to get your sailing fix in another day. When weather is cooperating, we typically get about thirty (30) minutes of true, trade-wind sailing.

Safely back at the dock in Port Allen, we’ll say aloha and let you carry on the afternoon with a little extra pep in your step–having just experienced one of the most refreshing, awe-inspiring, and visually spectacular mornings of your life!



Your Tour Includes

  • See the Napali Coast, amazing marine life, and more!
  • Continental breakfast and gourmet deli lunch
  • Soft drinks and water; wine and beer served after snorkeling
  • All snorkeling equipment and instruction
  • The chance to see humpback whales (peak season Dec-Apr)

Tour Details

  • Check in at 7:30 a.m. at our Port Allen location (time varies by season).
  • Tour length: 5 hours
  • For safety, no pregnant women or children under 5 are allowed on this tour.
  • Tax not included

Note that tours often fill up 2-3 weeks in advance. Booking your tour early in your vacation window is a good idea in case the weather forces us to postpone your tour.

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We pride ourselves on creating fun and memorable ocean adventures for our guests. Your safety is our top priority; therefore, all tour routes, destinations, and snorkeling activities are dependent on ocean and weather conditions. If you are joining us during our winter season November – March, tours can be more often impacted by weather. Conditions around Kauai can change quickly, so our expert captains are constantly analyzing and may wait until check-in time to determine the best route for the day. If that occurs you will have the opportunity to go on the altered tour, reschedule to another day (availability permitting), or cancel your tour at no charge if it is weather-related. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 808-335-0815 so we can help create the best experience for you and your family!  


Kauai health and safety

Leila: Our Sleek Sailing Catamaran

Napali Snorkel SailWith her sleek construction and design, Leila slips quickly and smoothly through the waters. The catamaran design allows for level sailing. With no more than 10 degrees of “heel,” you won’t be sailing sideways.

Although Leila’s two-hull design is based on a historical prototype, she truly is a modern, state-of-the-art vessel. The space-age epoxy/glass construction used to build Holo Holo was used in making Leila as well. This composite makes for a strong and safe structure. The mast and sail are of the best quality and modern design. – Learn more.

We’ve been on many paid-tours, and I’m not sure we’ve ever had a more enthusiastic, helpful, fun and funny crew – they seemed to be having as much fun as we were!