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Kauai Snorkeling Tour Pictures & Info

Our 65’ motor catamaran Holoholo will speed you swiftly and safely across the channel to the “forbidden island” of Niihau where because there are no active streams or rivers to deposit sediment, underwater visibility is 60+ feet! When it is less, it’s generally due to an abundance of plankton which in turn brings more fish!

Rather than speeding straight to the fun, you may enjoy a more leisurely Napali coast snorkel and sailing tour aboard our 48′ sailing vessel, Leila. We’ll explore the lush and inaccessible Napali coastline on the way up while keeping an eye on the conditions at our favorite snorkeling spots and pausing for some of the terrific photo opportunities. On the sail back down the coast we’ll pick one of our best Kauai snorkeling spots, relax and have a tasty and well-earned lunch.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are common along the Napali Coast, and if you can peel your eyes away from the spectacular coastline, you’ll be rewarded by the sight of a great variety and number of colorful tropical fish and reef life while you snorkel.

Snorkeling Kauai is a joy that everyone can experience. We’ll always have an experienced guide and lookout in the water to keep you happy, safe and having fun!