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Kauai Built For Kauai Waters

Our entire fleet was built on Kauai by the owner of the company, Kevin Millett, a third-generation boat builder and avid sailor. The knowledge of Hawaii’s unique ocean and weather conditions played a huge part in the design and creation of each tour vessel. Our knowledgeable maintenance team is on-hand to ensure each vessel is running in top shape year-round, providing you with the safest and most comfortable ride to remote and dramatic locations like the Napali Coast, Lehua Crater and Niihau.


Holoholo is Kauai’s fastest tour vessel. At 65′, this agile power cat is long and wide enough to give you a swift, adventurous ride even at her top speeds. She’ll get you to the Napali Coast or Niihau faster than anyone else!


With her sleek construction and design, Leila slips quickly and smoothly through the waters. The catamaran design allows for level sailing. With no more than 10 degrees of “heel,” you won’t be sailing sideways.