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Kauai Photo Blog, History & Fun

Kauai is amazing! You’ve probably heard, and that probably explains why you’re online, planning your perfect Kauai vacation. We’ve put together this gallery of photos and information to help with just that. A lot of the material here is specific to our company’s Kauai boat tours. You can read about our four Kauai tour boats– Holo Holo, Leila, Adventurer II, and Adventurer III—to learn their backstories and what makes them unique, such as the fact that they were all built right here in Hawaii.

You can read about the different types of tours we offer, including snorkeling tours, sailing tours, sunset dinner cruises, and catamaran tours departing out of Port Allen, on the island’s south shore. We want you and your party to find the tour that best meets your specific desires, needs, and priorities.

You’ll also find geographical information that will give you a solid sense of some of the awe-inspiring places we’ll visit on our Kauai boat tours, such as remote Lehua Crater and Bird Sanctuary, the intriguing “Forbidden Island” of Niihau, Kauai’s stunning south shore and different locations along the iconic Napali Coast, such as Awa’awapuhi, Honopu Beach and Kalalau Valley. In these descriptions, we touch on some of the history, myths, and legends associated with these places but you’ll definitely learn much more on tour, from our knowledgeable boat tour captains and crew members.

We’ve also included lots of basic information and photos about Kauai’s diverse ocean wildlife. Say yes to one of our snorkeling tours to explore the island’s coral reefs and for the chance to swim with dozens of tropical fish species, manta rays, green sea turtles, monk seals, and more! Visit us any time of the year to see sea birds and a variety of porpoise species, like the entertaining and acrobatic spinner dolphins, and/or schedule your trip in winter for the whale-watching season, which typically starts in September and runs through March or April.

Click on “Meet Our Friendly Crew” to read about all the different departments and personnel that make Holo Holo Charters the very best boat tour company on Kauai. As one of our guests, you’ll interact and get to know our hard-working front desk staff, boat tour captains, and crew but there are dozens of us behind the scenes too– taking care of everything from permitting and politics to boat safety and maintenance to catering our delicious meals to publishing this very web content. Since we started in 1997, Holo Holo has been focused on cultivating a healthy company culture and we like to think that our customers can feel that.

Speaking of our customers, we’ve included a gallery of their gorgeous boat tour photos and details on how you can submit your own, which we hope you will!

And as much as we’d love for you to spend every single morning and afternoon of your Kauai vacation cruising the ocean with us, we realize that you’re probably going for a more well-rounded experience. That’s why we’ve listed some of our favorite activities besides boating, including helicopter tours, hiking opportunities, kayaking excursions, surf lessons, and ATV adventures.

Hopefully, the information on these pages helps you in planning your trip! Still, have questions? Call or email us anytime—we’re truly here and happy to give you all the guidance and advice we can to turn your tropical Kauai vacation dreams into reality.