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Napali Coast Boat Tours, Kauai

Napali means “the cliffs” and this extraordinary section of Kauai’s northwest coast contains seven narrow and steep valleys that are separated by razor-sharp ridges and are home to dozens of cascading waterfalls. The contrast between the bright blue ocean, the emerald moss, and the rich red lava rock creates an extremely vibrant color palette.  No trip to Kauai and, dare we say, no trip to Hawaii, is complete without witnessing this historical and sacred area that’s consistently ranked one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

More than 800 years ago, Polynesian navigators first discovered Napali, and a thriving society developed. It’s estimated that thousands of Tahitian migrants settled in the fertile valley, cultivating taro and other staple crops on terraced homesites throughout Napali’s seven valleys. Napali is difficult and dangerous to access, by both sea and land, and therefore, these communities enjoyed excellent protection from other tribes.

For centuries, human life flourished on the Napali Coast. However, after Captain James Cook’s “discovery” of Hawaii in 1778, Western diseases decimated native populations and by the mid-20th century, the last real subsistence communities on Napali ceased to exist. Today, the 16-mile stretch of coast from Ke’e Beach to Polihale Beach is managed as Napali Coast State Park.

At Holo Holo Charters, our Captains and Crew are always saying, “It never gets old!” in reference to Napali because she surprises us with her magic every day. More than a coast, she’s a force, and our aim is to honor the Napali Coast by educating ourselves and our guests on her rich and fascinating history, while showcasing her penetrating beauty, in the most ecologically conscious and culturally authentic manner possible.

There are excellent snorkeling on the Napali Coast—crystal clear waters teeming with life. Swim with the fish on our daily Napali Snorkel Sail Adventure or seasonally, on our Napali Snorkel Adventure, out of Hanalei.

Join our Napali-Niihau Super Tour to explore Napali before venturing out to Niihau.

Or take one of our afternoon Napali Sunset Cruises; stay dry, have a drink and simply enjoy the way the afternoon light filters through the cliffs, reflects off the ocean and paints the sky.

We’re confident that any Napali Coast boat tour you choose will become the highlight of your visit to Kauai. If it’s sunny or cloudy or somewhere in between, come see why they say “There’s never a bad day on the Napali Coast.”