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Napali Coast Boat Tours, Kauai

Napali means the cliffs, or many cliffs, and can be spelled as one word (Napali) or two (Na Pali). The rugged Napali Coast contains seven narrow and steep valleys separated by high, razor sharp ridges that rise to an elevation of 4,000 feet. The valleys of Napali were home to the first Hawaiian settlers from the Marquesan’s in 200 to 600 AD and remained well populated during ancient times.

When the first Polynesians stepped ashore on Napali, they began naming the land, each ridge, each valley and each ahupua’a (land divisions). These ancient Hawaiians migrated from island to island across the Pacific searching for a new home. They traveled in double-hulled canoes that where capable of carrying 120 people and all the supplies they would need along with food, plants and animals.

There are many ongoing efforts to document and protect the hundreds of archaeological sites along the Na Pali Coast’s major valleys of Hanakapi’ai, Hanakoa, Kalalau, Honopu, Nualolo, Awa’awapuhi and Milolii.

Napali Coast Sunset Cruise

Picture yourself on a Napali Coast Sunset Cruise. The beautiful 16-mile Napali coastline with its abundant waterfalls and sea caves that provide numerous sightseeing and photography opportunities. Some of these sea caves are large enough to take small craft into when the seas are calm. Pristine water makes for excellent visibility which in turn creates magnificent Napali Coast snorkeling opportunities. On our Napali Coast Boat Tours, you’ll not only see the sights, but you’ll have the chance to swim and snorkel with colorful tropical reef fish, the occasional Manta Ray, and the graceful giant Green Sea Turtle! Click here to see our beautiful Napali Coast Tours

The steep cliffs of Napali were used as burial sites for the ali’i (chiefs) that lived along the coast. The Hawaiians believed that their chiefs were the direct descendants of gods and that the mana or life force of the chiefs was so strong that, if found by the wrong people, it could be used against the tribe.

The bones of the ali’i were carried by hand and placed hundreds of feet up the cliffs. Warriors would volunteer to climb these cliffs, placing the bones of their beloved chiefs into a suitable cave. When they were satisfied the bones were secure, the warrior would jump to his death, thus securing the location as a secret. Walking along the cliffs and on the sand dunes, bones can be seen after being exposed to heavy rains or winds.

 Napali Snorkeling Boat Tours

There are several hundred fish species in Hawaii’s coral reef systems, with approximately one-quarter of these fish species endemic (existing nowhere else in the world) to Hawaii. On our snorkeling Napali Boat Tour to the Napali Coast, you will have a chance to swim and snorkel with a vast variety of colorful reef fish and marine life including angelfish, unicornfish, parrotfish, moray eels, butterflyfish, manta rays, and many other unique and fascinating creatures. There are farmers and grazers, predators and prey; it’s a ballet in the ocean that has been going on for millions of years.

A coral reef is a delicate and fragile ecosystem, and we at Holo Holo Charters take our role as stewards of the reef seriously. The reef is a source of great beauty as well as our livelihood. For instance, instead of dropping an anchor at our snorkel spots (which can drag and damage the fragile reef), we maintain our own mooring pins that can be used continuously and eliminates the need to set an anchor. If we do need to anchor, we will only do so in an area with a sandy bottom and one of the crew physically rides the anchor to the bottom to ensure it does not damage any reef. We assure our Napali Coast Boat Tours keep the reef and environment safe.

Crystal clear water, pristine beaches, and unique marine life bring over one million visitors to Kauai annually, so it’s important for the preservation of the reefs and marine life to follow proper reef etiquette. Corals and marine life are delicate, and it is important to enjoy them responsibly. Help keep our reefs and ocean resources healthy by only using reef-safe sunblock and never touching or taking anything from the sea.  Don’t forget to see the coastline on our Napali Coast Sunset Cruise.

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