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Niihau + Napali Super Tour

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 5-12

Niihau + Napali Coast Tours

Napali Coast ToursExperience the adventure of a lifetime on our premier, award-winning Napali Coast Tours that takes you up the majestic Napali Coast and across the Kaulakahi Channel to Lehua Crater off the “Forbidden Island” of Niihau—all in one amazing day! With breakfast, snorkeling, lunch, and drinks included—this unforgettable 7-hour Kauai tour to Niihau is also an excellent value. Say yes to adventure!

The Niihau & Napali Coast Tours is Holo Holo Charters’ signature tour, on our signature vessel. In 1997, our flagship, Holoholo, was designed by our company’s founder and built right here on the south side of Kauai, specifically to take people safely and comfortably to dramatic locations like Napali, Lehua Crater, and Niihau.

Holoholo is a powerful, sleek, and comfortable, 65-foot power catamaran fitted with twin Cummins QSB diesel engines. Our signature vessel was made for these waters, and she can comfortably cruise up to 22 knots (about 25 miles per hour), making it possible for us to cover more than 90 nautical miles during this tour. Holoholo’s low center of gravity and hull design provides for a secure, comfortable ride and spares you the extra bounce associated with some double-decker boats. Holoholo is meticulously, lovingly maintained and she’s the vessel to carry you safely on your Napali Coast Tours.

The adventure begins with a continental breakfast at sunrise as we leave Port Allen and cruise by Kauai’s westside to the world-famous Napali Coast—with its 4,000-foot cliffs, an abundance of waterfalls, lush emerald valleys, magical sea caves, rainbows, turtles, monk seals, and dolphins. Napali is more than a coast; she’s a force, and no trip to Kauai is complete without a visit! Your Captain will narrate the journey with the legends, stories, and history of this absolutely mind-blowing stretch of Kauai’s northern coastline. Say “cheese!”, because this is the ultimate photo opportunity!

Once we’ve sufficiently basked in Napali’s glory, it’s time to open up the engines and let Holoholo cruise across the 17-mile Kaulakahi Channel to Lehua Crater off Niihau’s coast. The crescent-shaped crater is a State Wildlife Sanctuary so there are sea birds galore, including several endangered and native species. We also love Lehua Crater’s “keyhole” rock formation, which is definitely one of the coolest things to experience.

Your captain will share the stories of this unique area and culturally significant land. There is a small population of native inhabitants on Niihau, so we never land onshore or disrupt their environment. Niihau is a fascinating place, your captain will share how it got its nickname “The Forbidden Island”, but long story short, it’s literally forbidden for almost everyone on the planet to go there. You know what that means, amazing snorkeling!

We’ll head to our snorkel location, we have several options in the area, so your captain will determine what’s best for the day based on wind, swell, currents, and other conditions. Snorkel locations are along the outside of Lehua Crater or off the coast of Niihau. A crew member will dive in, tie us off securely to the mooring, and then we’ll set you up with the right size fins and goggles. Next, we’ll go over some safety things and splash—you’re snorkeling!

The waters off Lehua and Niihau are considered some of the best in all of Hawaii and are known to offer over 100 feet of visibility on some days. Here you will have the opportunity to see endemic fish species found nowhere else in the world, endangered monk seals, manta rays, underwater lava cathedrals, and much, much more. Make sure you bring your underwater camera to capture all the moments.

Snorkel time can be up to an hour, depending on the day. Of course, if snorkeling isn’t your thing, you can always just chill on Holoholo and shoot the breeze with your fellow passengers or lay out on the nets and get your tan on!

Post-snorkeling, it’s lunchtime, woo-hoo! We’ll serve you up some ono grinds (delicious food). Water, juice, and soft drinks are available throughout the entire day, but after snorkeling—now this is the time to start cracking the cold ones for those who choose—we’ve got a nice selection of beers, wines, and seltzers for you to enjoy all the way back across the Kaulakahi Channel.

Holo Holo Charters has been offering Niihau boat tours from Kauai since 1997, longer than any other Kauai boat tour company. Overall these years, we’ve modified and upgraded our boat, refined our menu, and dialed in all the details. Come adventure with us and have the most fun, exciting, and visually stunning day of your Hawaiian vacation!

This is a full day of fun and adventure, most people can’t get enough, but for some people, seven hours may be too long on the water. We encourage you to consider the stamina of everyone in your party before choosing your adventure, we want to be sure no one is limited in their ability to have a good time! If you have questions or want to discuss further, please call our staff at 808-335-0815 so we can assist in finding the right adventure for you and your guests.


Your Tour Includes

  • Lehua Crater, Niihau’s North Shore, the Napali Coast, marine life, and more!
  • Continental breakfast and gourmet deli lunch
  • Free beverages all day — with beer and wine served after we snorkel
  • All snorkeling equipment and instruction
  • The chance to see humpback whales (peak season Dec-Apr)

Tour Details

  • Check in at 6:00 a.m. at our Port Allen location (time varies by season).
  • Tour length: 7 hours
  • For safety, no pregnant women or children under 5 are allowed on this tour.
  • Tax not included

Note that tours often fill up 2-3 weeks in advance. Booking your tour early in your vacation window is a good idea in case the weather forces us to postpone your tour.

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We pride ourselves on creating fun and memorable ocean adventures for our guests. Your safety is our top priority; therefore, all tour routes, destinations, and snorkeling activities are dependent on ocean and weather conditions. If you are joining us during our winter season November – March, tours can be more often impacted by weather. Conditions around Kauai can change quickly, so our expert captains are constantly analyzing and may wait until check-in time to determine the best route for the day. If that occurs you will have the opportunity to go on the altered tour, reschedule to another day (availability permitting), or cancel your tour at no charge if it is weather-related. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 808-335-0815 so we can help create the best experience for you and your family!

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Holo Holo: Our 65' Power Catamaran

Niihau ToursHolo Holo is Kauai’s fastest tour vessel. At 65′, this agile power cat is long and wide enough to give you a swift, adventurous ride even at her top speeds. She’ll get you to the Napali Coast or Niihau faster than anyone else! She can carry 65, but we keep the numbers to 49 or less, which means more room to sightsee, snorkel, relax, and enjoy all that Kauai has to offer. Built with safety and comfort in mind, Holo Holo’s design is wide enough to eliminate any long, side-to-side rolling motion, and the hulls are narrow to slice easily through the water, resulting in a smooth ride. And Holo Holo was designed and built specifically to handle the channel waters that separate the islands. With twin 450 hp turbo diesel engines for propulsion, we get you to the beautiful sights of Napali and Niihau faster than any other vessel.  – Learn more.

Seeing the Na Pali coast would have been enough and made the trip worth it. But then we headed over to the forbidden island for some snorkeling. I have never seen such an awesome sight. The corals and fish were so clear. We were able to see an octopus, an eel, and so many different fish.