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Kauai’s South Shore

The shore’s numerous sandy coral beaches and deep blue water create picturesque crescent-shaped beaches and fine snorkeling, body-boarding, surfing and diving opportunities. Poipu Beach, near Makahuena Point, the southernmost tip of Kauai, was once called America’s Best Beach by The Travel Channel and is consistently named among America’s best beaches.

From our Kauai catamaran tours of the South Side of Kauai, you’ll see some of the beaches and attractions that are otherwise inaccessible, including lovely Allerton’s Beach, Palama’s Beach, where Green Sea Turtles are known to lay their eggs, and Kipu Kai, a deep horseshoe shaped cove. This is also part of the route that many Humpback Whales travel on their annual migration to mate in Hawaii’s waters.


  • The ruins of Hawaii’s first sugar mill in Koloa Town.
  • Koloa Landing, once the third largest whaling port in the Hawaiian Islands, and the only port of entry for foreign goods. Now it’s a terrific snorkeling spot frequented by the Honu, or Green Sea Turtle.
  • The historic Mahaulepu area, whose fascinating geology and cultural sites can be hiked, biked, or traveled on horseback.
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