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Kalalau Valley Pictures & Info

Kalalau Valley is the largest and wettest valley on Kauai’s Napali coast. Its beauty and position at the Northern end of Napali Coast State Park make it an ideal photo opportunity and turnaround spot for our Napali Coast boat tours.

The Kalalau Valley is exceptionally rugged and inaccessible except by landing a kayak or inflatable on Kalalau Beach or a strenuous eleven mile adventure hike along the famous Kalalau Trail. The valley walls tower steeply more than 2,000 feet above the lush valley floor and the remnants of magnificent terraced gardens and historic taro patches within. Native Hawaiians lived in the valley and tended these gardens into the 20th century, however its current status as a state park forbids any one from legally residing in the valley today. A limited number of camping permits for the Kalalau valley are available, providing you plan far enough ahead.

Stunning vistas of Kalalau Valley are also visible from the end of the road in Koke’e State Park and is one of our top Kauai Attractions.