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Kauai Sailing Tours on Leila

The world wouldn’t be what it is today without sailing. Sailing is natural, it’s romantic, it’s been legendary for humanity, in all the ways. As described in “Our Story,” Holo Holo Charters was started by a passionate sailor and to this day, there are many fervent sailors in our company. We think everyone should experience the feeling—THAT feeling– of moving across the ocean by the power of the wind and Leila is a fabulous boat for it, so let’s go sailing!

Sailing Napali Coast

Boat enthusiasts will appreciate Leila’s intelligent design. First off, she’s got good lines– she’s just a damn-fine looking boat. Second, she clips along! With those long, skinny hulls and low center of gravity, she cuts right through the waves at speeds of up to 18 knots.

And perhaps most importantly, she’s comfortable. This way, everyone has enough space to spread out and relax and really enjoy. Leila’s got plenty of bench seating and it’s always fun to hang out on the forward nets. There are two entry/exit points for convenience when snorkeling as well as two bathrooms that are big enough for a change. Leila has a slide off the back that’s fun for kids of all ages—say cheese!

Occasionally mother nature gives us days with absolutely zero wind, so we can’t make any hard guarantees, but we’re lucky here on Kauai with reliable trade winds. Our Captains on Leila will try their darndest to find suitable wind and sailing conditions, and they usually can, one way or another.

It’s truly sensational to turn off the motors and cruise through bright blue water along the incredible Napali Coast, by the power of the wind.

Leila does daily morning/early afternoon snorkeling tours on the Napali Coast and later, Napali Coast sunset dinner tours. Let us share our passion for sailing with you and your family on our beautiful, seaworthy, Hawaii-built catamaran.