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Team Spotlight: Daniel Hazen, Operations Manager

Within a minute of a conversation with Operations Manager Daniel Hazen, it’s easy to understand why he is an integral part of our team at Holo Holo Charters. Our goal is to attract genuine and dedicated people to join a collaborative team, and Daniel’s welcoming disposition and palpable passion for what he does is a perfect example of that. We value fostering a healthy work environment while acting as an example of sustainable tourism, and Daniel’s role covers all of that and more.

Port Allen Boat Tour

Coming to us roughly 2.5 years ago, Daniel was a familiar face on the dock, crewing boats on the Nāpali Coast for 8 years out of Port Allen. “You get to know everyone on the dock,” he explained,” and I recognized the company culture immediately.” Daniel credits Holo’s GM and co-owner Chandra Bertsch for “setting the tone” for Holo’s thriving work culture. After crewing with Holo for 8-9 months, the Operations Manager position became available, and Daniel applied. With previous managerial experience and extensive experience on the Nāpali Coast, Daniel was the perfect fit.

As Operations Manager, Daniel oversees the operations of the vessels, manages the crew, and coordinates with all departments. He affectionately mentions that his team has “the second best job in the world crewing boats,” (his being the best–leading the people that crew.) 

“We are providing an experience. It’s an easy place to stay,” Daniel explained. Growing up on a cattle ranch in northern Florida, Daniel’s first boat ride was in 2007, you guessed it…along the Nāpali Coast. Like many vacationers, Daniel decided he wanted to live on Kauaʻi. The difference is, he followed through right away. He never went “home” from vacation. His girlfriend at the time (now wife) went back to the mainland to tie up loose ends, and they have been a part of the Kauaʻi community ever since.  

Why Kauaʻi? Aside from the obvious beauty, Daniel answered without missing a beat, “the people.” Drawn to the vibe of the community here, Daniel and his wife are now happily raising two children here on Kauaʻi, and value the built-in “village” that comes along with it. When not at work, Daniel coaches his son’s soccer team(s) and is his 6-year old daughter’s number one fan at dance class and recitals.

From his days crewing, Daniel still calls the “Holo AM” tour his favorite. It was the snorkeling off Niʻihau and crossing the channel while engaging with the guests that stuck with him. “People come to Kauaʻi to be ʻwowed.’ What they don’t realize is that by choosing a sustainable company, they can make a positive impact as well.” The opportunity to connect and educate visitors is a passion point only second to how deeply Daniel feels about the company and every team member on staff. 

As the crew knows, Daniel’s catchphrase of “Go Gators!” and “LET’S GO!” sets the energy level high. “It’s easier to train a good crew than to train good people,” he explained, feeling lucky to work with such a high caliber of humans. “They really are a second family to me.” 

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The team dynamic is rooted in creating an impactful and fun experience for everyone involved, and the office views never disappoint. See you on the dock!

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