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Passing the Torch – The Next Generation of Holo Holo

Our story at Holo Holo has always been rooted in creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences aboard vessels built right here on Kauaʻi. With the intention of honoring the past and sailing into the future, our fearless leader and company founder Kevin Millett has officially passed the everyday operations and vision for Holo Holo on to the next generation. Leaving the company in the capable hands of Adrian and Chandra Bertsch, Kevin is slowly easing his way into a well-earned retirement. Although no longer in the trenches of running the business, Kevin will always be an important piece of the puzzle, offering guidance and his decades of knowledge to the Holo Holo team moving forward.

Owners of Holo Holo Charters

Chandra moved to Kaua’i as a kid, she immediately embraced the island culture and lifestyle, feeling instantly at home. She left the island to attend college in California and met Adrian while travelling through Switzerland after college graduation. Their love story began and after Chandra moved home, Adrian took the bold step to move to the other side of the planet so they could be together. 

HoloHolo Charters

When Adrian came to Kauaʻi he was quickly connected with basically the only other boat builder on the island–the owner of Holo Holo Charters–and a special kinship was born. Both boat builders since their teens, Kevin and Adrian began working on a catamaran named Kālewa together, and as they say…the rest is history. Adrian and Chandra have been with the company since 2012, with Adrian starting in the maintenance department, and Chandra beginning in the sales/marketing department. Adrian went on to be the company’s Lead Engineer, and Chandra the General Manager. With their business and vessel knowledge, the couple makes a winning combination. As Chandra puts it, “Between both of us, we make one Kevin.”

owners of Holo Holo Charters

The trio made the partnership official a few years ago with Adrian and Chandra becoming Co-Owners alongside Kevin, of course they marked the occasion onboard a boat! As Kevin begins sailing off into the sunset more frequently, Adrian and Chandra have begun envisioning what the next generation of Holo Holo Charters will look like.

As cultural stewards, we pledge to do everything pono by setting the standard on how to treat our staff, guests, oceans, land and all the creatures who share it. Holo Holo Charters is committed to being an industry leader by pushing the norms and investing in new technologies and sustainable practices, while also honoring the place we call home.

Kalalau Valley Kauai

With both of them growing up in small, close-knit communities, Adrian and Chandra relish the opportunity to be business leaders on the island and set a good example. As Holo Holo serves largely visitors, Chandra understands the need for balance between the visitor experience and its impacts on residents. She believes a sustainable business model creates an opportunity to share Hawaiian values around the world, “Visitors are a great part of our economic engine and it provides an incredible opportunity to educate people and spread aloha.”

Adrian and ChandraGrateful for the mentorship they’ve received from Kevin, the husband-and-wife team are excited to embark on Holo Holo’s journey into the future, including a project to build new catamarans. Keeping with the company standard, the vessels will continue to be built on Kauaʻi by the owner, Adrian leading the team this time, with Kevin joining in for the parts he calls fun! “We really want to invest in that part of our core,” Chandra explained, “we have the only boat-building space on the island, and the passion for boat building shared by our owners is a really unique aspect of who we are. We are designing the most modern, efficient, and comfortable vessels possible, so Holo Holo can continue to lead the industry and eventually pass the torch again to the next generation, Kevin provided us a great opportunity and we will always look to pay that forward.”

As Adrian and Chandra grow their family and the business, they look forward to continuing to invest in the right practices, and the right staff. We are grateful that our close-knit team of passionate ocean advocates have chosen a career with Holo Holo–not just a job. “We rely on good people to do their part,” Chandra explained, “if we invest in them, then they will invest in us. It’s a partnership, and ideally a long-term one.”


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