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What to Wear & How to Prepare for Your Holo Holo Boat Tour

First Things First

So, you’ve finally booked one of our EPIC boat tours along the Nāpali Coastline. Congratulations —you’ve made an excellent decision you will likely cherish for a lifetime. And if you haven’t booked yet, here is your friendly reminder to seize the day and book that tour!

Kauaʻi boat tours

As your boat tour draws near, you may wonder what to wear and how to prepare for your Holo Holo Boat Tour. Whether you booked the Niʻihau + Nāpali Super Tour, the Nāpali Snorkel Sail, the Nāpali Sunset Dinner Sail, or the Nāpali Sunset Dinner Tour, we’ve got you covered with this Go-To Checklist that will set your mind at ease and leave you perfectly prepared to sail the waves in comfort, no matter what the day brings your way.

Go-To Checklist: What to Wear

Nāpali coast toursCruising the waves on our vessels, Holoholo, our 65-foot powered catamaran, and Leila, our 50-foot powered sailing catamaran, is serious FUN. It can also be a tad bit wet. Ok, depending on where you are in the vessel and the day, there can be a lot of ocean spray. Add in the warmth of the golden sun, wind, and waves, and there are a few things to consider when dressing for your ocean adventure.

Here are a few wardrobe ideas to set you up for success while cruising with us:

  • Wear your swimsuit as your base layer.
  • Layers are your friend, especially quick-drying layers. Think waterproof shorts or leggings, a light, long-sleeve shirt, and a warm layer for when the sun goes down.
  • Consider clothing that offers SPF protection and is fast-drying. Check out our line of SPF gear here.
  • Bring a light (hooded) rain jacket (waterproof is best). This will help you stay dry in the salty ocean spray and any chance encounters with rain. Friendly tip: if you are willing to embrace the wetness, you will be prepared for hours of laughter and fun!

Go-To Checklist: How to Prepare

While you don’t need to fret about packing a lot of things to enjoy a day with us, there are a few key items you’ll want to bring with you to optimize your time on the water.

We recommend starting with a waterproof bag. Don’t have one? Check out our 5 Liter Dry Bag in our online shop. Then, pack the following essentials inside:

  • Reef-Safe sunscreen (we do offer complimentary sunscreen on board during our tours).
  • A towel for each guest on board.
  • Camera (or phone).
  • A form of payment & photo I.D.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • Any medications you may need.

Go-To Checklist: Combating Motion Sickness

Nāpali coastSome people are more prone to motion sickness than others. Motion sickness is no fun, and we want to get ahead of it well before we leave shore! If you know that you get motion sickness on boats, are unsure if you do, or tend to get it in cars and planes, it is highly recommended that you take motion sickness preventative medication ahead of your boat tour.

Motion sickness medications can be found at local pharmacies and grocery stores, and we have some options available for purchase at check-in. Please follow the directions on the package. Some medications require taking them hours before your tour. Taking them the day before and up to your tour helps tremendously. Also, consider booking a tour in the summer, when the water is significantly calmer than winter.

Our crew is well-equipped to handle motion sickness and can offer suggestions to help alleviate symptoms while on board. The Holo Holo crew is here for you, so please inform the crew of the first signs of motion sickness, as early action is crucial. Once it kicks in, it can be challenging to remedy, so we strongly suggest preparing well in advance.

While on board, we have ice, ginger ale, soda crackers, and ginger candies to help combat symptoms. Our crew may also move you to a better location on board. Avoid entering the middle, covered part of the boat and the bathroom. Your best bet to use the restroom is to wait until the vessel has stopped. Also, keep your eyes set on the horizon while in transit.

Unfortunately, we recommend you opt out of joining us if you get extreme motion sickness. We do not turn around early when people get sick. Once you are on board, you are committed to the entire tour, so book accordingly and be ready as best you can. While our vessels were built here on Kauaʻi for our local weather and ocean patterns, and we are your best bet for smooth sailing, nothing is a guarantee.

Last but Certainly not Least

We care deeply about your experience and want you to experience the boat tour of a lifetime! Don’t forget to pack your curiosity, sense of adventure, laughter, good vibes, and plenty of ALOHA for your day on the water! Come and seize the day with us! We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!

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