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Sustainable Ecotourism Improvements

Regenetive Tourism Hawaii

At Holo Holo Charters we feel it’s our kuleana (responsibility) to help mainstream sustainability and ecotourism in the State of Hawaii. In 2019 we created company-wide environmental and sustainable improvements and then  implemented them into our operations. Holo Holo Charters is the only certified boat charter company on Kaua’i to be a member of STAH (Sustainable Tourism Authority of Hawaii), protecting Hawaii’s unique, natural environment and host culture through the promotion of responsible travel and education programs relating to sustainable tourism.

Holo Holo Charters Sustainable and Ecotourism improvements for 2019

  • Eliminated single use items (plastic utensils, plates, mugs and napkins) in office and on all tours.
  • Banned chemical based spray sunscreens onboard all vessels
  • Installed dispensers for reef safe sunscreen on all 4 vessels (eliminated plastic jug dispensers) and signage to educate guests about coral bleaching and impacts of chemical sunscreens.
  • Digital waivers implemented FEB 2019 – save 50k+ pieces of paper annually.
  • Created Pono Pledge – educate visitors about traveling responsibly on Kauai
  • National Tropical Botanical Garden partnership for the Na Waiwai tour – cultural & historical focused tour, understand ahupua’a system.
  • Created Mauka to Makai brochure – photoshoot with local family (3 generations of females) at NTBG, tell story of ‘ohana and community living within the ahupua’a system
  • New caterers who purchase as much from local vendors and farmers markets as possible
  • Now providing cloth napkins on board (already had reusable utensils, mugs and plates)
  • Three staff attended NaHHA cultural training
  • Two staff attended tour guide certification class
  • Introduced more Kauai Made products for sale in retail store
  • Helped sponsor pilot program for NS activity shuttle (reduce cars and traffic in Hanalei)
  • Offered employees a paid volunteer day at NTBG
  • Donated $20k worth of gift certificates to local charities, community groups, silent auctions, and events benefiting the local community
  • Conducted annual keiki whale watch charters for three local schools
  • Conducted annual fundraiser for non-profit
  • Gifted all employees with custom reusable cup

At Holo Holo Charters we believe in being responsible stewards of the land and sea and we look forward to adding many more improvements to the list in 2020.

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