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Kauai Movie Quiz

Can you believe that the very first movie ever filmed on Kauai was released in 1934? Nineteen thirty-four!! The one-hour-and-two-minute movie, White Heat, was directed by an influential female director Lois Weber, and examines the angst caused by mixed-race relationships on a sugar plantation. It was filmed on location in Waimea! Since White Heat (almost 90 years ago!), Kauai has served as a filming location for dozens of Hollywood productions.

Movies filmed on Kauai
Test your knowledge and learn something new with our quiz about eight Movies Filmed on Kauai:

  1. In the 2011 movie The Descendants, when George Clooney’s character sits down at the iconic Tahiti Nui bar in Hanalei… what does he order? A. Old fashioned B. Red wine C. Mai tai D. Cold beer


  1. The Napali Coast’s incredible Honopu Beach and its fascinating 90’ arch (the tallest in all of Hawaii!) was a filming location for which of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? A. Curse of the Black Pearl B. Dead Man’s Chest C. At World’s End D. On Stranger Tides


  1. The Avatar crew spent five days filming at the Keahua Arboretum, along what Kauai river? A. Waimea River B. Hanapepe River C. Wailua River D. Hanalei River


  1. What Kauai town inspired the setting for the fictional town in Disney’s 2002 movie Lilo & Stitch? A. Kilauea B. Kapaa C. Lihue D. Hanapepe


  1. 2011 biographical movie Soul Surfer tells the story of what famous Kauai surfer? A. Bethany Hamilton B. Laird Hamilton C. Andy Irons D. Titus Kinimaka


  1. Who wrote, directed, and starred in a 2008 movie that was mostly filmed on Kauai, and owns a house on Kauai? A. Will Smith B. Ben Stiller C. Adam Sandler D. Pierce Brosnan


  1. There’s a scene in Six Days/Seven Nights in which Harrison Ford and Anne Heche’s characters amazingly escape from pirates by jumping off a cliff at what Kauai beach? A. Shipwreck Beach B. Polihale Beach C. Kealia Beach D. Poipu Beach


  1. What actor went to high school on Oahu in the 90s, got married on Kauai in 2019, and starred in a 2021 movie that was primarily filmed on Kauai? ___________________


  1. Old Fashioned. The movie was based on a 2007 novel of the same name by Hawaii author Kaui Hart Hemmings.
  2. On Stranger Tides. Come see Honopu Beach and the Honopu Arch on any of our five unique Napali Coast boat tours!
  3. Wailua River. Take the drive up there if you’re interested in seeing rainbow eucalyptus trees.
  4. Hanapepe. Our favorite stops in Hanapepe town are the Talk Story bookstore, Midnight Bear for coffee drinks, pastries, and rustic bread loaves, and Japanese Grandma’s Café for sushi in a mellow backyard setting.
  5. Bethany Hamilton. The film was shot in three North Shore locations: Tunnels Beach, the beginning of the Kalalau Trail, and the Hanalei Pier.
  6. Ben Stiller. For the production of the movie, Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller hired hundreds of locals and brought in millions of dollars to the island’s economy.
  7. Shipwreck Beach. They were body doubles so don’t get any ideas! For the record, we strongly advise against jumping off the cliff at Shipwrecks!! Many people have gotten hurt, and you don’t want to ruin your Kauai vacation.
  8. Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise. The Rock loves Hawaii and Hawaii loves The Rock!

Kauai filming locations

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