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Energy-Efficient Kauai Boat Tours

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Kauai Boat Tour Company Becomes First in State to Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Diesel Outboard Motors

“Employing this cutting-edge marine technology gives Holo Holo Charters environmental bragging rights.”

Port Allen, Kauai, Hawaii. March 24, 2022. Holo Holo Charters, a Kauai company that prides itself on its four Kauai-built tour boats has earned itself another distinction by becoming the first tour boat operator in the state of Hawaii to invest in and employ diesel outboard motors, rather than industry-standard gasoline motors. Twin 300hp OXE diesel outboards have been installed on each of the company’s two rigid-hull inflatable bottom tour boats and are ready to run daily sightseeing and snorkeling tours on Kauai’s famous Napali Coast departing from Hanalei Bay for the 2022 season.

The company expects to see up to a 30% improvement in fuel economy and has the potential to save an estimated 6,500 gallons of fuel in the 2022 season, which runs through October. Other benefits of switching from gasoline to diesel motors include: a meaningful increase in safety– as diesel is much less volatile, increased reliability—meaning fewer tour schedule disruptions, and a more pleasant guest experience—as these new efficient diesels are significantly quieter than the industry-standard gas motors.

“Besides the direct 30% fuel savings, our environmental impact will be further reduced by the fact that diesels require less frequent service and simply have a longer lifespan than gas motors,” said company shareholder and lead engineer Adrian Bertsch. “It’s a major investment, but we’ve been thinking about it for years and we’re excited to be pioneers in this new technology,” he added.

About Holo Holo Charters: Holo Holo Charters was founded in 1997 and strives to be industry leaders when it comes to environmental and cultural stewardship. Holo Holo operates daily sightseeing and snorkeling tours year-round on the Napali Coast and to the “Forbidden Island” of Niihau departing from Port Allen and Napali Coast tours conveniently departing from Hanalei Bay, April through October.

For more information and booking, visit or call (808) 335-0815