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Free Things To Do On Kauai

a large waterfall over a body of water

Kauai is a lot of things and expensive is one of them. Getting here is expensive, being here is expensive, living here is expensive… there’s just no getting around it. That’s why you might be looking for some ideas for activities that are free—so you can make the most of every moment of your trip without completely destroying your bank account. You know you’re going to be splurging, so it would be nice to plan some blocks of time when you’re not. Here are some ideas to possibly sprinkle into your itinerary:

Classic people watching and beach day at Poipu

In our opinion, Poipu Beach and adjacent Waiohai Beach offer just about the best people-watching on Kauai. Ohana celebrations, kids making sandcastles, snorkelers struggling with their fins, lifeguards, Instagram models, PDA-displaying honeymooners, swimming caps, paperback books, boogie boarders, big blow-up unicorns, local kine guys, water aerobics aunties, babies wearing hats and sunglasses, tents, Tommy Bahama chairs, YETIs, portable speakers, salty snacks, cold drinks… it’s all down here at Poipu Beach Park. The surf is usually friendly to swim and it’s reliably just a good, easy beach for anyone and everyone that’s craving a classic beach day.

Surfrider Foundation beach cleanup

Okay here’s one where not only do you not spend dollars, but you actually earn good karma—two-in-one! Bless yourself up by joining the local Surfrider Foundation chapter and friends on one of their many beach cleanups. Reach out to Barbara directly at (808) 635-2593 for the latest events as they have a constantly rotating schedule of beaches that they frequent. They usually go out Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings but do check with Barbara for upcoming events. It’s always good vibes when you go out and make a tangible difference (instant results!) with nice people. Kauai is grateful for anyone that takes a few hours and helps clear the beaches of some of the marine debris pollution that constantly washes ashore.

Orchid planting at an amazing Japanese shrine and healing sanctuary

Maybe do some personal healing while planting perplexing tropical orchids and helping tend to sacred Kauaian grounds that were founded in 1904? Yes, please! Every first Saturday morning of the month, a group works together to maintain the grounds of the Lawaii Community Center– an archeological and cultural treasure–and then enjoys a lunch made by the Aunties of Kauai. If you go, you’ll be tending to the 88 shrines that were built by the very first generation of Japanese immigrants on Kauai. Yeah, read that again! Whether you’re into Buddhism, Japanese culture, Hawaiian culture, orchids, gardening, lunch… you’ll find it at the Lawaii Community Center. Visitors are always welcome, just contact or call 808-639-4300 so they can give you more specifics. Everyone’s commitment to this sacred site is very much appreciated!

free things to do Kauai

We hope these suggestions are helpful for planning your Kauai vacation and if we may, we’d like to suggest one great “splurge-yet-smart-value” activity to book for while you’re here: a Kauai boat tour with our company, Holo Holo Charters.

Here’s the thing: when we put all the Kauai activities and experiences that are offered side by side, we believe that our own tours are among the best, value-wise. All of our boat tours offer quality food and beverages, with top-notch service on modern and comfortable boats. Our captains and crew are capable and trustworthy and our experiences are long enough that you can really relax and enjoy, not a worry in the world—just making memories and appreciating Kauai from the vantage of the water.

For even the most budget-conscious traveler, a Kauai boat tour with Holo Holo Charters is one that’s worth the splurge!



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