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10 Best Things To Do On Kauai

best things to do on Kauai

Best things to do on Kauai

  1. Best Sunrise—Are you an early riser? Grab a coffee at Java Kai in downtown Kapaa and head to Fuji Beach (also known as Baby Beach) at the end of Moanakai Rd. There’s a picnic table where you can sit and sip and watch the colors on the horizon change as another glorious day begins.
  2. Best Family Activity—Mini golf at Anaina Hou Community Park in Kilauea. This ADA-accessible course is built in a tropical botanical garden! Check out unique species like Hawaiian Jade while you putt putt putt your way through 18-holes. Snack bar and beer garden at the top!
  3. Best Place to Catch the Game—Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you aren’t rootin’ for the home team and Rob’s Good Times Grill is where you want to be. Rob’s has tons of TVs, all the major sports packages, and excellent food, drinks, and service. This beloved Kauai hangout also has live music daily and a competitive trivia night every Thursday.
  4. Best Luau—The talented cast of Luau Kalamaku at Kilohana Plantation tells the story of the ancient Polynesians’ journey across the Pacific to Hawaii through Tahitian rhythms, drumming, fire spinning, knife dancing, and hula. The performance is incredible, as is the feast— a great opportunity to try traditional Hawaiian foods like Kalua pork, poi, taro rolls, and potato mac. We also recommend Tahiti Nui Luau in Hanalei and Smiths Luau in Wailua.
  5. Best Craft Cocktail—If you’re into bougie cocktails lovingly made with the finest Kauai-sourced ingredients like ginger, lilikoi, pineapple, honey, sea salt, vanilla bean, coconut milk, and cucumber, you’re gonna love the Fish Bar Deli in the heart of Old Kapaa Town. Fabulous drinks, an ever-changing seasonal menu, and a “by the pound” sustainable seafood counter.
  6. Best Beach for People Watching—Poipu Beach Park is our favorite for kicking back in the Tommy Bahama chairs all day long. There’s constant entertainment with people of all ages, shapes, and sizes– snorkeling, surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, soaking, sunning, laughing, smiling, eating, drinking, and just generally living their best lives. Lifeguards are there to keep you safe, and Brenneke’s Market is right there in case you need some more sunscreen or a cold soda.
  7. Best Farmer’s Market—This is kind of a trick, one because there’s not really a “best” farmer’s market—there’s one every day, they’re all great and the best one is probably simply the one that’s closest to wherever you are. That said, there’s a big one every Saturday morning at Kauai Community College where you can find all the classics like vegetables, salad greens, herbs, honey, bread, and tropical fruits that you know and love like mango, avocado and papaya, and maybe some you’re not familiar with– like rambutan, soursop, and lychee. Try something new!
  8. Best Waves for Learning to Surf—If it’s your first time shreddin’ the gnar, let’s be realistic and get you out on the “kiddie waves” by the Hanalei Pier. If the pre-K crowd can do it, you can do it too! It all depends on the day of course, but right next to the pier are consistently decent “beginner” waves. And with the Hanalei waterfalls and rainbows as your backdrop, you can’t lose.
  9. Best Place to Buy Souvenirs— If you want to bring something back to your loved ones that isn’t made of plastic and makes you talk fast in the morning, we suggest picking up some beans from Kauai Coffee Company. Take a tour of the island’s coffee plantation (biggest in America!), try every. single. flavor. in the tasting room and when you’re good and caffeinated, hit up the gift shop for beans, mugs, coffee subscriptions, etc. No room in your suitcase? They’ll ship it for ya.
  10. Best Kauai Boat Tour—This one’s a no-brainer—Holo Holo Charters is hands-down the best boat tour on Kauai and in 2021, was named the 2nd Best Boat Tour in all of America, as rated by USA Today. We’ve got 22+ years of experience, the most comfortable boats on the island, the highest safety and sustainability standards, delicious food and drinks, and the “dream team” when it comes to Captains and Crew. Treat yo’self to the BEST and say YES to adventure with Holo Holo Charters.

Hands down, The Best thing to do on Kauai

One of the most exciting and imрressive charter tоurs yоu can dо оn the whоle island is embarking оn а Nepali Соаst tоur – either а half оr full day adventures that’ll see yоu sрeeding оver the waves with our Kаuаi bоаt tоurs. Silhоuetted by the mаssive сliff fоrmаtiоns with the сhаnсe tо snоrkel with seа turtles оr sрinner dоlрhins, exрlоre lаvа tubes, саves, аnd leаrn the histоry оf the Hаwаiiаns thаt оnсe mаde these imроsing seа wаlls their hоme.

As you can see, there is much fun waiting for you and your family with our list of the 10 Best things to do on Kauai. Swing by Holo Holo Charter and say “Hi”.

Best thing to do on Kauai