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Honopu Beach & Valley Pictures & Info

The remoteness of Honopu Valley has inspired many rumors and legends. Until the mid-19th century pre-Hawaiian people of uncertain origins flourished in this valley, but then disappeared, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as the Valley of the Lost Tribe. It is also rumored to be the last home of Kauai’s fabled Menuhune.

Legends aside, we know the beach and surrounding cliffs were used as burial sites for the chiefs that lived along the coast. Their bones were carried by hand and placed hundreds of feet up the cliffs. Warriors would volunteer to climb these cliffs, placing the bones of their beloved chiefs into a suitable cave. When they were satisfied the bones were secure, the warrior would jump to his death, thus securing the locations’ secret. The Hawaiians believed that their chiefs were the direct descendants of gods and that the “mana” or life force of the chiefs was so strong that, if found by the wrong people, it could be used against the tribe. Walking along the cliffs and on the sand dunes, bones can be seen after being exposed by heavy rains or winds.

Several movies feature Honopu Beach, including: The 70’s version of King Kong with Jessica Lang, Six Days and Seven Nights, the third Jurassic Park, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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