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Hawaii Sea Birds

Pelagic seabirds have further adapted to a life lived primarily in the open ocean. The state of Hawaii, and Kauai and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands in particular, provide habitat to millions of migratory and nesting seabirds.

In general, seabirds live longer, breed later and have fewer young than other birds do, but they invest a great deal of time in their young. Most species (95%) nest in colonies, which can vary in size from a few dozen birds to millions. Many species are famous for undertaking long annual migrations, crossing the equator or circumnavigating the Earth in some cases. They feed both at the ocean’s surface and below it, and even feed on each other. Seabirds can be highly pelagic, coastal, or in some cases spend a part of the year away from the sea entirely.

Seabirds you might see on our Kauai boat tours include albatross (rare), boobie birds, frigate birds, shearwaters, petrels and tern.

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