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Holo Holo’s Sustainable Reusable Souvenir Cup Giveaway

YOU are invited to share in the FUN as we Holo Holo the globe together! #GOHOLOHOLO

souvenir cupsWhat’s better than sailing the deep blue Pacific Ocean aboard one of Holo Holo Charter’s dreamy catamarans, with the majestic Nāpali Coast as your backdrop, crystal clear waterfalls meandering down rocky cliffs, enjoying unforgettable views, delicious, locally-sourced food and top-notch service and company? Receiving a free, specially-designed Holo Holo souvenir cup at check-in when you book with us, that’s what!

We’re thrilled to announce the launching of Holo Holo’s Sustainable Reusable Souvenir Cup Giveaway #goholoholo and invite you to take your earth-friendly cup with you when you travel. We want to see the world through the eyes (or cups, rather) of our Holo Holo guests and friends. Join us as we share our fun adventures together across the planet!

Help us care for the Earth and create a positive social media wave that motivates, inspires, uplifts, and connects us all, no matter where we are in life, through adventure, fun, travel, and more! Get ready to share your special moments and exciting views with your Holo Holo ʻOhana.

How the Giveaway works:

●  Each guest will get a #goholoholo souvenir cup at check-in (while supplies last).

●  Our specialty cup is our gift to you and geared toward supporting your own, personal sustainability. It is not intended to be used on our tour, where we provide a sanitized supply of cups for use on board our vessels.

sustainable tours on Kauai●  We encourage you to take your sleek, reusable Holo Holo cup everywhere (on all of your solo adventures and as you create memories with loved ones), and use this cup instead of a disposable one.

●  Then tag us on Facebook and Instagram and use the hash tag #goholoholo to show us where you go and what you’re up to on your epic adventures!

Cup details & the positive impact you make while using your #goholoholo reusable cup:

●  Designed locally, in house, by our very own Creative Marketing Manager, Kit Furderer.

●  We are the only ocean friendly certified boat company on Kauaʻi with Surfrider Foundation.

●  The cups fall into our sustainability focus at Holo Holo Charters. We use reusable cups on all of our tours to prevent unnecessary paper cups from going to our landfill.

●  Since the implementation of our Onboard Program, and based on the measured drop in use of paper cups, we estimate that 82,000 paper cups will be spared each year directly due to the program.

●  Join us and go from using paper and plastic one-time disposable cups to supporting clean, green, reusable cups! Bonus: The metal cups don’t get mushy in our wet environment.

Life sure is better when shared with others. So next time you are out exploring in nature, take a hike, enjoy a picnic, lounge poolside, dance at an outdoor party, kick butt in mini-golf (you get the idea), take your Holo Holo souvenir cup with you, make a positive impact on the environment, share your special moments with us on social media, and let’s #goholoholo the globe together.

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