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Port Allen: Kaua’i’s Endless Summer Boating Destination

A historical harbor, now more commonly known as Kaua’i’s boating paradise! Located on the west side of Kaua’i at Hanapepe Bay, twenty nautical miles from Nawiliwili, Port Allen is the island’s second-largest harbor. It’s the main launching point for most of the islands deep-sea fishing and Napali Coast boat tours.

Port Allen Kauai

The harbor has two 600-foot long berths on opposite sides of a pier and a small boat harbor with berthing for 34 boats. The 25 to 35-foot deep harbor is protected by a 1,200-foot breakwater.

Port Allen is in the town of Ele’ele and was originally called Ele’ele Landing. It was renamed in 1909 after the late Samuel Clesson Allen, a Honolulu businessman who provided financial backing for the port. The renaming occurred after Kauai Railway Company made vast improvements to the port to accommodate up to 1,500 tons of sugar per day plus general merchandise for the island. Allen was associated with the McBryde Sugar Company which was an offshoot of the Kauai Railway Company and spent time in the area during one of his first business ventures in Hawaii.

This charming, local, harbor town still maintains the true feel of old Hawaii. With a relatively short drive from Poipu, you will discover that Port Allen has several hidden gems: local restaurants, delicious cookies, a brewery, and a vast array of high-quality “Kauai Made” products. Be sure to look for the “Kauai Made” logo as your seal of quality and aloha! If you are a chocolate lover, you’ll want to sample a famous Chocolate Opihi!

Just steps away from the smell of fresh chocolate is Holo Holo Charters, consistently ranked one of the best boat tours by The Garden Island annual Best of Kauai survey. The owner of the company, a third-generation boat builder, custom built their fleet right here on Kauai, designed for Kauai waters.

So, if being on the water is a perpetual yearning for you, then make boating the best part of your vacation and head on over to Port Allen. Holo Holo Charters offers snorkeling and sightseeing boat tours seven days a week along the scenic Napali Coast. They are the only boat tour company to offer daily trips to the Hawaiian “Forbidden Island” of Ni’ihau, a big bucket list item on Kaua’i.

Not only are Holo Holo Charters’ vessels designed and built on Kauai, the company is also leading the way when it comes to promoting environmental stewardship and quality education in the tourism community. Visit to view the recently launched Holo Holo Pono Pledge, a place for visitors and locals alike to commit to traveling responsibly and protecting the precious resources of Kaua’i.

For years Holo Holo Charters boat captains have stopped their tours to haul dangerous derelict fishing nets out of the ocean. Ghost nets and ropes are the number one cause of injury to whales and many other sea mammals. Partnering with the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation for net patrol and certified as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant, shows their commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting ocean-friendly best practices.

Holo Holo Charters is also the only boat tour company on Kauai certified as Dolphin SMART, a voluntary program sponsored by NOAA to encourage responsible viewing of all marine life. Human activity can cause irritation to marine animals and disrupt their natural behaviors; therefore, it is important to support Dolphin SMART businesses who have committed to minimizing their impact and ensuring their actions aren’t having negative effects on the marine environment they enjoy.

Holo Holo Charters provides all you need to enjoy an epic day on the water, so all you must bring is a beach towel and a smile! You don’t even have to worry about packing your sunscreen because Holo Holo Charters has non-toxic, reef-safe sunscreen available complimentary on the tour, so you can protect the ocean, reefs, and marine life while you enjoy your time in and on the water.

With the air heating up and the sunlight lingering a little longer each day, the feeling of summer excites everyone and is often associated with the joy of keeping company with family and friends. Port Allen is the perfect place to bring everyone together for a Kauai boat tour.

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