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Nāpali Wedding for the Win

Kauaʻi Destination Wedding Activity Ideas to Entertain Your Guests

Napali wedding


Everything is falling perfectly into place! First, and most importantly, you #popthequestion, and your significant other says, “Yes!” (Cheehoo!). Now, you are in full-swing wedding mode, making all the plans for the Kauaʻi Destination Wedding of your dreams! #kauaidestinationwedding

Weddings far from home have many beautiful facets and are typically less hustle-bustle and more low-key and intimate. Destination weddings provide an opportunity to step away from the idea that your wedding day has to be over-the-top expensive, excessively elaborate, and include a gigantic guest list. Taking these unnecessary and stressful expectations off your plate lets you dial in exactly what you want for your special day!

As you excitedly check things off your To-Do List (guest list, wedding officiant, wedding-day attire, flowers, music, etc.), imagine the days surrounding your wedding and the many guests traveling to support your love. As the RSVPs joyfully roll in, guests begin making travel arrangements: flights, rooms, car rentals, etc. Most likely, your guests will take advantage of the opportunity to stay on the island for a few extra days (minimum), in the days before and after your big day. It won’t be long before they ask, “What can we do for fun and adventure on Kauaʻi in the days surrounding your wedding?”

Here is your friendly reminder to take a deep breath amid all your planning cause you’ve got this! And while it’s not your job to plan everyone else’s entire vacation (ummm, you are planning a wedding, after all), it is an excellent opportunity to consider planning destination activities for your out-of-town guests in the days before or after the wedding ceremony. Why not take the time to enjoy yourself during your destination wedding fully? Life is short, and someday is, well, today!

Picture it now: You and your loved ones aboard a Holo Holo Charter, swiftly sailing over the aquamarine ocean water, the Nāpali waterfalls, and the deep green, blue, and copper-colored mountain crevices of the Nāpali Coastline alive before your eyes, the smell of ocean salt and love built to last a lifetime in the air.

Kauai wedding party


Your friends and family will want to spend time together with the soon-to-be newlyweds while visiting Kauaʻi. The following fun and exciting activity ideas are sure to entertain your guests while they enjoy the trip of a lifetime during your destination wedding:

●  Throw a welcome party on the boat! What better way to kick things off than along the beautiful Nāpali Coast with your loved ones? Gather your guests together and welcome everyone to the island with a champagne toast, celebrating the big day ahead and the gorgeous, awe-inspiring views of Kauaʻi!

●  Go on a group snorkeling expedition! Snorkeling tours are an easy option, a no-brainer! You can pile the whole group on a big catamaran and spend a full day on the crystal-clear waters celebrating love and life. Who doesn’t enjoy sunny skies, radiantly blue water, spinner dolphins, and humpback whales?

●  Host a fun rehearsal dinner onboard our sailing vessel as you enjoy an all-inclusive Nāpali Sunset Sail. We’re talking delicious pupus, gourmet cuisine, cold beverages and cocktails, and a sunset to boot!

●  Have a stress-free wedding reception on one of our catamarans with everything included. Add some assorted, yummy cupcakes, and you’re all set! Why stress about all the moving pieces to your destination wedding when you can check everything off the list with one all-inclusive sweep? The whole shebang makes everything easy for the bride and groom and is a perfect, unforgettable way to experience your significant day.

●  Continue the celebrations by enjoying a post-wedding adventure! Relax and enjoy the last night on the island with your nearest and dearest as you sail straight into the winds of your bright new future!

●  This list wouldn’t be complete without the option to make it a #loveboat moment and “pop the question” on a private charter with your family and friends. Imagine a #shesaidyes adventure, champagne toast, and catered celebration dinner with your loved ones that you will cherish forever.

Kauai engagement locations

Every once in a while, the perfect wedding destination spot is also a fantastic adventure opportunity wrapped up in one big, beautiful Nāpali rainbow. So get out there and do something thrilling, friends! In booking the perfect Holo Holo Charter for your pre/post-wedding activities, you will curate a destination wedding that your guests will talk about for years and years to come.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go! It’s time to plan, and we can help! Kauaʻi is a majestic place where wedding dreams come true, and we can’t wait to support your dreams into reality! We recommend saving your date early as boat tours on Kauaʻi fill up quickly. Reach out to Holo Holo Charters and let our Private Charters Manager help tailor the perfect destination wedding adventure for you and your guests today. Please call 808-335-0815 or email us at

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