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Kauai Marathon 2022

2022 Kauai marathon

photography by: Jo Evans, Da Kine Images

One of our core values here at Holo Holo Charters is to have a positive impact on our island community, and that’s why we’re happy to be sponsors of the upcoming 2022 Kauai Marathon on Sunday, September 4th.

The marathon is back after a 3 year hiatus, so this should be a good one. We’ve heard that some 2,400 runners will be participating this year– from Kauai, neighbor islands, the mainland, and international locations as well.

Yes, very soon Kauai will be noticing a distinct influx of healthy, strong people, sporting activewear, and carrying their own water bottles. And hey, that’s a key demographic for our adventurous Napali Coast boat tours! During the Kauai Marathon (Labor Day weekend and the weeks before and after), our business always enjoys a boost in sales, so we really appreciate all that the organizers of the Kauai Marathon do to make our island’s event unique and attractive to runners and their families from all over the world.

Here’s how it goes…

The Kauai Marathon and Half-Marathon begin at 6 am but runners are encouraged to come as early as 4:45 to stretch and enjoy pre-race festivities before the sunrise. For the first eleven miles, everyone runs together, for sunrise at 6:22 (we looked it up) and through the event’s most iconic stretch—Kauai’s century-old “Tunnel of Trees.” This mile-long stretch of eucalyptus trees is incredibly gorgeous, SHADY, and has the added bonus of giving runners a little dose of aromatherapy. And isn’t eucalyptus good for the lungs?

After 11 miles, the 26.2 milers and the 13.1-milers split ways—the former up to Lawai and Kalaheo, the latter through Omao. Both courses follow the contour of the scenic coastline, offering magnificent views of the island’s picturesque beaches, rugged volcanic peaks, and tropical rain forests. Along the course, there’s cultural entertainment such as taiko drumming and hula dancing. Plenty of locals come out to cheer everyone on and in some cases, they’ll turn on their sprinkler for you to run through!

Sometimes it’s NBS (nothin-but-sun), sometimes there’s a classic-Kauai rain squall followed by a rainbow. It’s always warm, and it always ends at the beach, meaning that runners can soak their exhausted muscles in the healing salt water immediately after the race. Sounds refreshing just writing about it!

This year the race ends oceanside at Koloa Landing Resort, where finishers will cross the line and be greeted lei-style with the medals they have earned! Runners are encouraged to bring their friends and family, and stay and enjoy food, refreshments, entertainment, and awards until the early afternoon. With everyone congratulating and supporting each other, it’s just great vibes there on a Sunday morning in sunny Poipu.

If you’re participating in the marathon or half-marathon this year, come check us out when you come to pick up your race packet. Holo Holo Charters will have a table at the 2022 Wilcox Health Sports & Fitness Expo on Friday, September 2, and Saturday, September 3, at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. Our sales and marketing team Cindy and Leilani will be there, promoting our Napali Coast boat tours, selling Holo Holo Charters retail merchandise, and generally encouraging all the runners, so please say hello!

Kauai Marathon Photos

photography by: Jo Evans, Da Kine Images

Of course, we do recommend taking one of our six unique Kauai boat tours, Napali Coast boat tours, and Niihau Island boat tours as part of your Kauai marathon experience! There’s just no better way to treat yourself before or after a long run than by saying YES to an ocean adventure— be it sailing on the coast, snorkeling at Niihau, or wining and dining in the sunset. No matter what your priorities are, we have a Kauai boat tour for you and your loved ones, and honestly—you deserve it!

Two fellow 2022 Kauai Marathon event sponsors are the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa and Koa Kea Resort on Poipu Beach. If you happen to be staying at either of these gorgeous south side properties, we encourage you to look into the Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau’s Malama Hawaii program. You may be able to earn free nights and/or free meals by participating in a self-directed beach cleanup program.

And if you have kids ages 2-12, don’t miss out on the adorable Keiki Run events on Saturday, September 3rd at the Grand Hyatt. Chicken costumes, t-shirts, prizes, and other goodies provided by Wilcox Health.

Kauai marathon

photography by: Jo Evans, Da Kine Images

Good luck to our employees and fellow Kauaians that are running this year’s event—you got this!

If you’re coming from another island or out of state, we hope the marathon is just the highlight of an amazing and unforgettable visit to Kauai!

To the many organizers and dozens of event volunteers, we hope everything goes off without a hitch and we appreciate your creativity and effort in making the Kauai Marathon a one-of-a-kind destination event.

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