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Kauai Destination Wedding

Tying the Naut: Nautical Ideas for a Kauai Destination Wedding-Kauai sunset cruise

Kauai weddings

Aloha friends,

Kauai’s destination wedding industry is booming! Couples from all over the world are recruiting their friends and family to Hawaii’s most romantic island to tie the knot and spend quality time together. Here at Holo Holo Charters, we’ve seen a significant uptick in wedding-related private Kauai sunset cruise or napali sunset dinner cruise.

In this blog post, we’re discussing Kauai’s destination wedding industry and some creative ways couples have been incorporating private Kauai boat tours into their Kauai destination wedding itineraries.

We hope this is helpful and inspiring to anyone gathering ideas for a Kauai destination wedding and/or planning a destination wedding on Kauai!

Destination Weddings on Kauai

“Heaven is another name for Kauai, the island of love” sings Elvis Presley in the 1961 movie Blue Hawaii. The song plays over a scene in which Elvis is horseback riding underneath coconut palms along the perfect Wailua Coast, followed by five adoring women. It’s like something from The Bachelor franchise—cheesy and a little bit cringeworthy—but we gotta give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that hey, sixty years later, the lyrics still ring true—

Heaven is another name for Kauai, the island of love.

Kauai photographer

There are sooooo many wedding-worthy locations and backdrops on Kauai. People have their ceremonies standing beside waterfalls, overlooking canyons and valleys, in moody emerald jungles, and on bright sandy beaches. People set up their services early in the morning, throughout the day, and at sunset. People do the “I do” fifty-two weeks a year, and on all the days that end in Y.

It’s easy to have a simple wedding here on Kauai because the island sets the romantic vibe and does the decorating for you. Nice outfits, nice lei, and love in your hearts is really all a couple needs to have a beautiful and memorable Kauai wedding. On the other end of the spectrum—it’s possible to go all out and add layers upon layers of flair to Kauai’s natural fabulousness. There are hundreds of vendors available for Kauai catering services, Kauai bar services, Kauai wedding planning, Kauai audio and lighting, Kauai flowers, Kauai photographers, Kauai hair and makeup artists, Kauai bands, Kauai fire dancers, Kauai rentals, Kauai wedding officiants, etc.

If you’re currently planning your Kauai destination wedding, congratulations!! And may we say– fine choice!

The Kauai destination wedding sector has been BOOMING in 2022. Lots of couples are smartly choosing beautiful Kauai for their destination weddings and honeymoons. Here at Holo Holo, we’ve been hosting more wedding-related Kauai sunset cruise or napali sunset dinner cruise than ever before, and we have to say—we’re loving it!

Private events mix things up for our Captains and Crew; it’s fun for them to be the hosts with the most, showing off Kauai’s incredible coastline, and being part of a special celebration.

Private Kauai Boat Tours as a Destination Wedding Group Event

When you’re hosting a destination wedding, it’s polite to plan at least one or two group events besides the wedding itself. People have traveled all this way on your behalf, and they want to see you and spend as much time with you as they can, not to mention the other guests. The two respective “sides” of a wedding party need as much time as possible to mix, mingle, and become friends—if not family!

For such a group event, we’re here to urge you to book an all-inclusive, hands-off, zero-stress Holo Holo Charters private boat tour.

Napali Coast Private Charters

You won’t regret it! We’ll do all the work, and you’ll do all the socializing, sightseeing, wining, dining, picture-taking, celebrating, and soaking in all the love and support of the important people who have shown up for you at your destination wedding on Kauai.

Wedding or not, no trip to Kauai is complete without taking a Napali Coast boat tour– you and your loved ones may as well do it together!

Treating your destination wedding group to an unforgettable day or evening on the magnificent Napali Coast is a perfect way to thank your guests and spend precious time with them.

For an actual wedding ceremony, we think a more controlled, less distracting environment is preferable to the ocean BUT we think the ocean is an absolutely marvelous setting for engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette festivities, rehearsal dinners, post-ceremony wedding celebrations, anniversary events, family photo shoots, and just hanging out together!

Our private tour packages are ALL-INCLUSIVE and an EXCELLENT VALUE—one of the best bangs-for-your-buck on Kauai!

Imagine an entire afternoon or evening on a sleek catamaran, cruising through the bluest-blue water you’ve ever seen, along one of the world’s most insanely beautiful coasts, dolphins swimming alongside, and waterfalls cascading down 3,800’ emerald cliffs. You’re surrounded by people that love you. Our Captains and Crew are showing everyone so much aloha—serving fresh food and cold drinks, making sure everyone’s comfortable, telling you about the island, answering questions, making you smile, and taking your picture.

(Wait—is this starting to sound like something from The Bachelor franchise?!)

Traveling is hectic, weddings are hectic, and yes– destination weddings are hectic.

But for these hours, Holo Holo is in charge. We were recently voted #1 Best Boat Tour in America and we got this, okay? You just relax and enjoy the ride. You’re the guest, and we’re taking care of everything. We do it and we do it well!

The Napali Coast is the absolute gem of Kauai, if not all of Hawaii. A private Napali Coast or Kauai boat tour is a perfect complement to your Kauai destination wedding itinerary and a wonderful way to treat your guests and spend uninterrupted time with them.

No matter how cheesy the Blue Hawaii scene, Elvis was on point when he sang that “Kauai is the island of love.” Again, congratulations if you’re getting married on Kauai and know that the island will find a special way to bless your day; Kauai always finds her ways to speak to our hearts and make us feel love.

Kauai is the island of love.

And awesome charter boat companies that make it easy to spend quality time with your family and friends in paradise.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Holo Holo Charters can save you time and energy and be a highlight of your once-in-a-lifetime, destination Kauai wedding experience, please reach out to our Sales and Private Charters Manager, Cindy Kauanui

Time is the one thing we can’t buy or make more of. Let us coordinate a perfect-for-you your private Kauai sunset cruise or napali sunset dinner cruise, so you can focus yours on soaking up all the love and making wedding memories to last a lifetime!

Book a Private Tour!


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