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We need your vote, Best Tour in Hawaii!

best tour on Kauai

Aloha friends, remember last April when Holo Holo Charters was named the #1 Best Boat Tour in America by the USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Award contest???

Earning that national recognition was HUGE! To any old landlubber on the street, it might sound like just another online poll but keep in mind that USA Today is the single most widely read news publication in the nation. It’s not an insignificant contest and trust us– when you’re in the boat tour industry, it is extremely flattering and affirming to win the title of Best Boat Tour in America!

We were honored and very much appreciative to everyone that cast their votes for Holo Holo. We cherish our Holo Holo ‘Ohana—our current and former employees, fellow Kauai small businesses, our island community, vendors, and the worldwide network of hundreds of thousands of wonderful people that have journeyed with us over the last 25 years.

Now, it’s 2023 and we’re calling on our Holo Holo ‘Ohana once again. We were nominated in a new category this year:

Best Hawaii Tour

Oooooh—we like it! This means we’re up against 19 other Hawaii tour companies (boat companies and otherwise) and you can bet your sweet buns that we’re rearing to win again!

Friends, it’s so easy to help us win and we are so, so appreciative if you’ll vote once, twice or 28 times—you can actually vote once a day! Voting takes literally just three or four clicks—maybe even less if you bookmark the link. Voting does not require you to register or give your email—yay! It’s easy-squeezy yet it really helps us be recognized as industry leaders, so big, big mahalos in advance for supporting Holo Holo Charters with your clicks and your votes!

We can honestly ask for your vote because we’ve honestly been striving to be the Best Hawaii Tour for the last 25 years. And while the term “the best” is subjective, we feel we have a pretty good case. Please read our reasoning below, and if you can get behind Holo Holo Charters being named the Best Hawaii Tour, click the link, maybe give it a place on your Bookmark bar for the next 28 days, and help us rock the vote!

The BIG THREE reasons why Holo Holo Charters is the Best Hawaii Tour

  1. The Napali Coast. Have you seen it?!? We’re talking 4,000’ sea cliffs, sea caves, cascading waterfalls, pristine sandy beaches, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, Hawaiian sea turtles, humpback whales, snorkeling, sunsets, rainbows, unicorns, pots of gold, and more! Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and has had millions more years than the others to lie dormant and erode. That may come off as gloomy, but it’s not at all—Kauai is like a fine wine, becoming more and more geologically breathtaking as time slowly marches on. Don’t get us wrong, our younger neighbor islands are all beautiful, but Kauai…. Kauai is next-level. We can’t take credit for the natural beauty and wonder of the Napali Coast, but we can physically take you there to experience it yourself, and we’ll take you there in upmost style, maximum comfort, and with some of the most skillful and professional Captains and crew on Kauai.
  2. Walking The Walk When It Comes to Sustainability. It’s easy for businesses to talk the talk and claim to care about sustainability. But can they point to specific action steps they’re taking to actually acknowledge and address their ecological footprint? Holo Holo can! As members of the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii, we consistently research and adopt new practices that quantifiably reduce our negative impact while increasing our positive impact. Examples include switching from bottled water to filtered water, using reusable plates/cups/napkins, offering free reef-safe sunscreen, switching from paper to electronic waivers, investing in the most advanced and efficient motor equipment technology, and more. One recent initiative we’ve implemented is a carbon offset project that will eventually offset 100% of our carbon emissions via a Hawaii-based program called Carbon Buddy. The most recent thing launched in 2023 is paid volunteer time for our employees, we’re so committed to our island community, we want to be sure our employees all participate and give back in ways that are meaningful to them. It’s hard for working families to take time off to volunteer, so we’re paying them for that time!
  3. Excellent Value. You get maximum bang for your buck on our Holo Holo Kauai, Napali Coast, and Ni’ihau boat tours. Every tour gives you at least four hours on the water—so you can get settled, relax into it, and enjoy the quality time against the stunning backdrop of Kauai. Our knowledgeable captains enhance the journey with narration of island history, geological information, and authentic Hawaiian myths & legends, while our friendly crewmembers are there to anticipate your every need– walking you to the bathroom, taking your picture, refilling your beverage, etc. On our snorkeling tours, we provide basic instruction, as well as all the gear—masks, snorkels, fins, and flotation devices. Our company takes pride in maintaining Kauai’s cleanest and most ocean-worthy fleet, attracting the island’s most talented employees, serving high quality food and beverages, leading the industry in sustainability initiatives, and making sure our guests feel welcome and appreciated. We’re not the cheapest tour around, but our discerning customers get their money’s worth.

For more information about our company’s history, tours, and values, please visit our website. We thank you for voting Holo Holo Charters as Best Hawaii Tour, and we hope to be your host on the water soon!

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