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Local Beers + Seltzers + Wine + Koloa Rum Mai Tais

It’s Five o’clock Somewhere

Honolulu Beer Co

Listen, we’ve heard all the Jimmy Buffett songs and we know that boat drinks can really soften the edges and enhance an ocean experience. We get it and we’re here for you with a well-rounded selection of adult beverages. Here’s what we’re offering as of October 2021:

el Guapo Honolulu BeerworksBeer brewing in Hawaii has come a long way over the last ten years and we’re proud to offer El Guapo Golden Ale and Point Panic Pale Ale, both from Honolulu Beerworks. The company was started in 2014 as a neighborhood craft brewery in the heart of Honolulu’s hippest community, Kaka’ako. They’ve always emphasized using unique and locally-sourced ingredients in their brewing process and through the commitment and passion of their “beerworkers,” have grown substantially. The easy-drinkin’ El Guapo Golden Ale gives off lime and cilantro aromas and the Point Panic Pale Ale strikes just the right balance of citrus and hoppiness.

Seltzers are trending big-time right now, and we’re here for it! Easy to drink, relatively low calorie, what’s not to love? Of all the seltzer brands out there, we decided to offer New Belgium Brewing Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer. Why? We love the fruity flavors and colorful packaging. Also, we admire New Belgium’s efforts to offset its carbon footprint and to create a healthy company culture for its employees. We’re happy to support these true industry leaders.

When you’re simply craving a good ol’ American pilsner, we’ve got you covered with Coors Light, and here’s a fun piece of little-known trivia for ya. In the 1950s, Bill Coors pretty much single-handedly pioneered the aluminum beverage can! Up until this time, beverages were packaged in tin-lined steel cans that were heavy, expensive to ship, and altered the taste. People thought Bill Coors was crazy when he started talking about using aluminum and even crazier when he started talking about recycling said cans. Ha, look at us now! Makes us want to crack one open for Bill Coors right now.

Koloa Rum Mai taisFor the winos out there, we offer Seaglass Sauvignon Blanc and Seaglass Pinot Noir. The Seaglass Wine Company is located in Santa Barbara, California and their home vineyard, Los Alamos Vineyard–just twenty miles from the Pacific Coast– boasts uniquely sandy soils. We love the fresh, citrusy crispness of their Sauvignon Blanc and as far as the Pinot Noir—it’s light, drinkable, and okay we admit, we’ve been on the bandwagon ever since Sideways came out in 2004!

For our signature “Sunset Toast,” we’ll be pouring an Opera Prima Cava. Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine made in the traditional style– like Champagne, requiring a double fermentation. The Cava region in Spain is one of the most forward-thinking regions in the country when it comes to sustainability and by 2025, all Cava’s will be produced organically. Love it!

And for maximum vacation vibes, might we recommend one of our Koloa Rum Mai Tais? The Koloa Rum Company, the island’s first licensed distillery, was established on Kauai in 2009 to preserve the legacy of raw sugar and rum production on Kauai and to create jobs and support the local agricultural industry. Pair their fine products with our signature blend of island juices and you’re pretty much a walking Jimmy Buffett song!

Please enjoy and please know your limits!

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