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Sit back and enjoy the amazing views of Kauai’s incredible scenery and wildlife aboard our Kauai boat tours of the Napali Coast, Kipu Kai, Lehua Crater, Niihau and beyond. At Holo Holo Charters, we strive to give you the ultimate ocean experience on our Kauai made boats specifically designed for our unique tours and ocean conditions.

Photographs & Stories from our Kauai Boat Tours

History of Awaawapuhi

History of Awa’awapuhi

Lehua bird sanctuary

Lehua Bird Sanctuary

Kauai whale watching tours

Kauai Humpback Whales

Lehua is Part of the Extinct Niihau Volcano

Lehua Crater & Sea Caves

Cathedral Cliffs of the Na Pali Coast

The Napali Coast

Honopu Beach and Valley

Honopu Beach & Valley

Leila is the Fastest Sailing Catamaran on Kauai

Leila—Kauai Sailing Catamaran

Holo Holo is a State-of-the-Art Catamaran

Holo Holo—Catamaran

Snorkel Kauai

Kauai Snorkeling Tours

Exploring the Sea Caves of Na Pali

Napali Raft Tours

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Hawaiian Monk Seals

Green Sea Turtles Surface to Breathe

Green Sea Turtles

Bottlenose Dolphin pod

Bottlenose Dolphins

Two Spot

Coral Reef Fish & Life

Napali Coast Sunset

Kalalau Valley

Trip of a Lifetime

Niihau Boat Tour

Beaked Whale mother with her cub

Beaked Whales

False Killer Whale

False Killer Whales

Delicious Food

Delicious Food

Holo Holo is Fun for Everyone

Passenger Photos

Spotted Eagle Ray

Manta Rays and Eagle Rays

Holo Holo’s Friendly Crew

Meet Our Friendly Crew

Hawaii Seabirds

Hawaii Sea Birds

Kauai’s Melon Head Whales

Melon Head Whales

Hawaii Pilot Whales

Pilot Whales

Sharks of Hawaii

Sharks of Hawaii

Lawai Kai is Home to the National Tropical Botanical Gardens

Kauai’s South Shore

Whale Sharks of Hawaii

Whale Sharks of Niihau

Spinner Dolphins

Spinner Dolphins

Rough Toothed Dolphins

Rough Toothed Dolphins

Sperm Whales of Hawaii

Sperm Whales of Hawaii

Killer Whales in Hawaii

Orca, Killer Whale

Striped Dolphins of Hawaii

Striped Dolphins